We apply science to investing

We combine scientific principles and leading-edge technology to create diversifying investment solutions. We believe that statistical and evidence-based approaches are best. We strive continuously to improve every facet of the investment process and generate valuable returns for our clients.

We use a disciplined and repeatable investment process, defined by a thoroughly researched and constantly evolving set of rules.

It all starts with an idea, which is tested, researched and reviewed. Our findings are critically evaluated every step of the way by our collegiate team. Successful ideas are then built into our robust, scientific investment process.

It’s a systematic approach built on empirical evidence and overseen by creative minds. The track record is proven, having been pioneered by our founders for more than 30 years.

Our belief is that market prices are not random, but contain predictable and statistically measurable behaviours. The effects may be weak, but we can capture even small edges through disciplined trading and focusing on the details.

Each idea can be analysed and understood by searching for evidence in data. Within the data lie very human behaviours that create the effects and provide persistence. Our trading technology uses sophisticated algorithms to capture the patterns and behaviours we identify and minimise the costs of doing so. We’re in the business of understanding persistent effects and biases across global markets and improving the value we offer to investors as a result.

Aspect Capital offers a range of systematic investment solutions spanning three areas: Trend Following, Macro & Currency and Multi-Strategy & Customised Solutions

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