Systematic investment management since 1997

Aspect Capital manages over $7.5bn in a range of systematic investment solutions. The company is UK-based with offices in London and Stamford (CT). The firm employs over 110 people with the majority dedicated to the research-driven evolution of our investment programmes.

We are pioneering systematic investment managers. Our founders, Anthony Todd and Martin Lueck, have over 55 years combined experience in the field. They have been joined by over 110 talented professionals with a wide range of backgrounds and skills. We believe that diverse experience enhances creativity and problem-solving ability, which are key attributes in a quantitative investment environment.

We have developed deep and long-standing relationships with a broad range of institutional investors, fund of funds and distribution partners from across the globe. Our investors benefit from high levels of transparency and market-leading standards of service.

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Aspect is committed to playing an active part in the wider community. The ability to ‘make a difference’ is of great importance to the entire company. Employees are actively encouraged to participate in fund-raising activities and to give their time to charitable causes. Each year, Aspect allocates a certain amount of its annual profit before tax to a range of charitable contributions. This process is managed by a Charity Committee, which is comprised of employees from across the business and donates to a range of local, national and international charities.

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We support

St John's Wood Hospice

A local hospice to the Aspect offices which provides excellent palliative care to more than 3,000 terminally-ill patients and their families every year. Aspect provides financing to a bereavement support group which organises book clubs and other activities in the community. Aspect staff also volunteer at various fundraising events held throughout the year.

The School of St Jude

Aspect Capital has been supporting the School of St Jude in Tanzania since 2009. This school provides a free, high-quality education to over 1,800 Tanzanian children who, due to extreme poverty and societal pressures, would otherwise likely be forced into labour or marriage. Drawn from families who often live on less than $1.25 per day, the first year of St Jude’s graduates finished in the top 10% in Tanzania and have already begun teaching future generations in local government schools.

Cancer Research UK- The Francis Crick Institute

In 2013, Aspect raised funds for Cancer Research UK (CRUK) at its annual sponsored charity event. Aspect's support will help change the picture for cancer patients in the UK and beyond by helping CRUK create a new medical research institute of global importance and impact, The Francis Crick Institute. Located in the heart of London, the Institute will house 1,500 scientists and will be of a scale to enable a unique and powerful approach to beating cancer and saving lives in the UK and internationally.

African Promise

Over the last 10 years, Aspect has provided financial support to African Promise. They are a small charity, focused on rebuilding, extending and upgrading primary schools in rural Kenya. They aim to establish long-term partnerships that deliver on-going support where it is needed the most. African Promise's small operating costs have enabled them to maximise Aspects financing to improve the lives and education of up to 2,750 disadvantaged and impoverished children.

Pump Aid

Aspect has provided financial support for a project run by Pump Aid for the provision of clean and safe water supplies for two rural communities in Malawi. Nearly 2,400 individuals in the communities of Lilongwe and Mchinji have benefited from this initiative. Aspect has provided further backing for Pump Aid for the research and development of the next generation of their technology to deliver greater leverage and efficiencies in the provision of water to rural African communities.

Aqueduct Project

Living Instruments For Others (LIFO) is a 100% volunteer organisation that goes to the Dominican Republic each year to bring water to remote communities in the country. LIFO has seen that the major benefit of bringing water is not only to enhance sanitary conditions in the town but also to give children an opportunity to attend school on a full-time basis. Children will no longer be required to spend hours fetching water for the family from the nearest stream or river. Each year, Aspect purchases all the supplies needed to complete a project - PVC pipes, bricks, cement, steer bars and tools.


Aspect has been supporting the London based charity Place2Be for a number of years. Place2Be is a school-based counselling service, dedicated to improving the emotional wellbeing of children, their families and the whole school community. Children today have all sorts of worries from friendships to bereavement, domestic violence, gang culture or crime. By supporting children, this charity gives them the chance to grow up with prospects rather than problems.


Aspect has worked closely with the UK based charity Beanstalk for several years. Beanstalk is a national charity that gives one-to-one literacy support to children in primary schools in the most deprived areas of England. Their vision is a nation of confident children who can read and grow up to lead successful lives. They aim to achieve this by working with primary schools to provide high quality literacy support through trained volunteer reading helpers who dedicate their time to give children a brighter future.


Sands is a UK stillbirth & neonatal charity which focuses on three main areas: bereavement support, the training of healthcare professionals and medical research. For over 7 years, Aspect has been fundraising for Sands and in 2016 they were the nominated charity for the annual sponsored event. The “Climbathon” raised over £64,000 to be put towards their research fund.

Our Awards

Awarded best Managed Futures over $500m for Aspect Diversified at Eurohedge Awards 2022.

Aspect is delighted to have been announced as the Quant Investment Firm of the Year at the Risk Awards 2023.

Anthony Todd and Martin Lueck were awarded an outstanding achievement award. Aspect was also awarded a performance award in the ‘Alternative markets fund’ category for Aspect Alternative Markets.

Aspect won Best Performing Fund in 2021 for two categories: Alternative Markets Trend Follower (Financials and Commodities) for Aspect Alternative Markets and Trend Follower (Flat Fee) for Aspect Core Trend HV.

We are thrilled to be the 1st winner of HFM's Diversity Prize. Since the company’s inception we have placed a strong focus on the establishment of a meritocratic, equitable and collaborative culture which fosters innovation and nurtures diverse talent. At the same time, we recognise that the hedge fund industry, and the financial industry at large, still has along way to go in reflecting the diversity of the societies in which we operate, and we aim to continue driving meaningful change.

Aspect is delighted to have been awarded two prizes at the EuroHedge Awards 2020. Aspect won both the Managed Futures category and the inaugural Diversity prize.

We are delighted to announce that Max Xu, Portfolio Manager, has been included in the Hedge Fund Journal's Leading Women in Hedge Funds for 2020.

We are thrilled that the Aspect Tactical Opportunities Programme has been awarded best Short-term trading CTA at the HFM European Quant Performance Awards for 2020.

Aspect Research Director and Co-founder, Martin Lueck, received the Pinnacle Achievement Award for his work over the past three decades in developing quantitative, model-based, trading strategies.

Aspect Systematic Global Macro Programme wins New Comer Macro 2019 at HFM European Performance Awards!

Thank you to The Hedge Fund Journal for awarding the Aspect Systematic Global Macro Programme Best Performing New Fund for 2018 at the UCITS Hedge Awards.

Aspect is delighted to announce that the Aspect Systematic Global Macro Programme has been awarded best Macro strategy for 2018 at the EuroHedge Awards.

We are very proud to announce that Rosie Reynolds, Chief Commercial Officer, has been included in the Hedge Fund Journal's Leading Women in Hedge Funds for 2018.

Aspect was awarded Management Firm of the Year at the 2017 awards, a special accolade given to a firm that has transcended its peer group. Aspect also collected the Diversified over $500m award for the its flagship programme, Aspect Diversified.

Anthony and Martin have been honoured with an outstanding achievement award. Aspect was also awarded best risk-adjusted return over $500m for the Diversified Programme and best managed futures UCITS fund.

Aspect is delighted to have received the European Hedge Fund of the Year Award at the 12th Funds Europe award ceremony in London, on 3rd November 2016.

Anthony Todd and Marty Lueck receive an award for Outstanding Contribution to the Industry from Hedge Fund Review in 2016.

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