Summer Internships with Aspect Capital

In this piece we hear from two of Aspect’s 2022 Summer Business Development Interns. Mariam Muazu and Ella Keza share their experience of Aspect as well as their advice for those looking into summer internships.

How did you go about applying to Aspect?

Ella: I applied to and joined Aspect through the 10,000 Black Interns initiative. This involved a range of different interviews, and I finally got an offer in December 2021.

Mariam: I also heard about Aspect through 10,000 Black Interns. I was invited in for an interview with the Business Development team and things progressed well from there.

Which team and projects have you been involved in during your time with Aspect?

Ella: I joined Aspect as an intern in the Business Development team and worked with both the Marketing and Investor Relations teams. This meant I was involved in a number of projects including: a website analysis project to inform future marketing activity, a HR data project, and an ad hoc Investor Relations project. I was also given personal development objectives by a mentor assigned to me at the beginning of the internship which was of great help.

What has been your favourite part of your internship?

Mariam: There have been so many great moments for me. To pick one favourite I would have to say meeting everyone in the BD team but also the wider business. Everybody I have met was genuinely kind and it was great to learn more about the company and investment management industry from people so willing to give their time.

Ella: My favourite part was getting a chance to take part in such a huge range of different tasks. I was also lucky enough to present the results of one project to the whole company at the end of my journey at Aspect. Each project I was assigned covered different areas which helped me to gain an understanding of lots of the moving parts in the team and I really enjoyed working alongside the group I was part of.

I really enjoyed talking to people across the business and hearing about different career progression stories. At Aspect, I found people with diverse academic background but with a common genuine interest for systematic investment and excellent client service which has helped to shape many people’s journeys at the company.

My time at Aspect overall was fun! I attended a range of different social, charity committee and sports events. It was great to get involved in so many elements of Aspect life.

Could you describe the culture you have experienced at Aspect?

Ella: Genuine love! I felt a loving and healthy culture during my time with Aspect. Everyone is willing to help you as much as they can. I was fortunate to be part of a team that pushed me forward and encouraged me to learn as much as possible whilst I was there. Most of the people that I was lucky enough to spend time with left me with lots of pieces of advice especially for my future career path.

Would you have any advice for those considering internships?

Mariam: I would say definitely apply – having the opportunity to immerse yourself within any industry environment is so helpful! There is a huge amount to learn in this space from being in the presence of open, helpful and knowledgeable professionals on a day to day basis. At first workplace jargon might seem foreign and really hard to follow but as you continue your internship you will start to pick up on more of the words and abbreviations used. A key to getting up to speed is asking as many questions as you can along the way.

Ella: Go for it. Apply to that position that you were always curious about and put your skills into practice. Also aim to choose a place that gives you room to grow and explore other avenues you may be less familiar with. At the end of the day, you are here to learn, and you want to walk out with the list you made at the beginning of your internship at least half checked. You want to be able to experience growth both skills wise but also to the approach you take to your projects and collaboration.

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