Aspect Multi-Strategy Programme

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Aspect Multi-Strategy is an integrated multi-strategy offering which optimally combines Aspect’s systematic investment models. The Programme seeks to deliver consistent, alpha-driven performance with low correlation to traditional portfolios and major asset classes.


  • Stable, consistent return profile with diversification properties
  • Exposure to a blend of convergent and divergent strategies
  • Uncorrelated to equities, bonds, trend and common factors
  • Low correlation between investment themes

Key Facts

December 2020
Over 260 global markets
  • Cayman vehicle
  • Customisable managed accounts

This programme is available to professional investors only.

All of Aspect's strategies are researched using the same scientific process, which is based on our belief that market prices are not random - they contain predictable and statistically measurable behaviours which can be captured in a disciplined systematic fashion.

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