Aspect China Diversified Programme

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Aspect China Diversified is a systematic momentum-based investment strategy that enables offshore investors to access a diverse set of Chinese financial and commodity futures. It deploys multiple systematic investment strategies that seek to identify and exploit directional moves in a broad range of Chinese assets. The Programme operates in over 40 domestic Chinese futures markets across six different asset classes.


  • Systematic access to the ‘China Theme’ – the second biggest economy in the world
  • Low correlations to traditional assets and global commodity markets, offering strong diversification potential
  • Attractive set of new and liquid commodity markets providing possible inflation-hedging properties
  • Risk mitigation properties with a different return stream compared to global CTA indices
  • Aspect is a pioneer in researching and applying systematic investment models to onshore Chinese futures markets

Key Facts

October 2021
Over 40 liquid Chinese financial and commodity markets incl. rubber, soybean, copper, glass, China 10Y bond

Offshore vehicle accessing onshore Chinese markets via a swap.


This programme is available to professional investors only.

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