Podcast: TTU130: Marty Lueck, Co-Founder


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Marty Lueck, Co-Founder of Aspect Capital, joins TTU for a conversation on Aspect's systematic investment process, with a primary focus on research. The conversation also touches on:

  • Why having no bias is a core element of Aspect Capital's investment philosophy
  • The essence of trend and why trend strategies work
  • How Aspect works together with investors to create the most optimal portfolio possible
  • Lueck's analogy of trend as "medicine" and why it is important to give the medicine time to do its work
  • How trend following as a strategy has evolved over time and how Aspect feels about the newest CTA replication products
  • The reasoning for being cautious about using machine learning
  • How Aspect guides clients when it comes to return expectations

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Note: Any opinions expressed are subject to change and should not be interpreted as investment advice or a recommendation. Any person making an investment in an Aspect Product must be able to bear the risks involved and should pay particular attention to the risk factors and conflicts of interests sections of each Aspect Product’s offering documents. No assurance can be given that any Aspect Product’s investment objective will be achieved.

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