HedgeNordic: Round Table: Managed Futures / CTA


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Stockholm (HedgeNordic) – There was plenty to talk about at HedgeNordic’s CTA round table. After two years of hosting the event in digital format, it was a treat to once again gather CTA managers from the Nordics and beyond in flesh and blood around a physical table.

Joining us for this year’s event were Jeremy Taylor (ISAM), Razvan Remsing (Aspect Capital), Patrik Säfvenblad (Volt Capital), Martin Källström (Lynx), Harold de Boer (Transtrend) and Mikael Stenbom (RPM). Christoph Junge, a first-time CTA investor from Danish pension fund Velliv, also traveled to Stockholm to join in the discussion.

While many equity and fixed income strategies, even in the hedge fund space, are still digesting the punches they had blown to their stomach, managed futures are feasting at the set table.


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