Aspect anticipates being carbon neutral for 2008


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As part of its strategy to reduce its carbon footprint, Aspect has provided significant funding to the Good Earth Trust (a UK registered charity) for the promotion in Africa of ISSB technology. This is a very promising, low-carbon alternative to traditional building materials such as fired brick, with the potential to save millions of tonnes of carbon, support the development of hundreds of small businesses and provide low-cost construction to millions of people. Consequently, Aspect anticipates being carbon neutral in respect of its 2008 activities through the allocation to it of carbon credits that are generated by the manufacture of low-carbon ISSB bricks. In addition, with the benefit of Aspect’s funding, the Good Earth Trust will be able to continue to provide valuable social and economic benefits to poor communities in Africa by introducing a low-carbon, low-cost, environmentally sustainable and hygienic building technology.

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