Automating the cash execution process


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Aspect’s Treasury team recently spoke with Clear Path Analysis as part of the Risk Management, Treasury and Automation report 2019.

In summary:

  • The three main issues currently impacting the treasury cash management process are: the effects of regulation, ensuring treasury functions are flexible, and doing more with less while maintaining oversight and control.
  • Automation has been employed to strengthen the cash execution process as a whole and connect components by using an optimum secure location.
  • Any changes to the function require open-mindedness and a wider range of strategy, which focus on the reduction of operational drag in order to prioritise alpha.
  • When deciding whether to innovate inhouse or employ external solutions, Chief Operating Officers have to consider whether internal resources would be better spent elsewhere.
  • Securing funding and support from key stakeholders depends on how far initiatives can deliver on pre-defined internal values, while still managing their expectations.
  • Existing relationships with product and technology vendors are expected to evolve as the business evolves. Strategic partners have to be selected, in order to build mutually beneficial relationships.


The full report can be downloaded from the Clear Path Analysis Website.

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