Alternatives Watch: Investors seek to recession-proof portfolios with more liquid alternatives


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Article originally published by Alternatives Watch in December 2023.

London-based systematic investment firm Aspect Capital has historically helped clients navigate market themes, but next years’ trends could be the toughest yet for institutional investors to predict and navigate.

“With rates renormalizing, what we have seen is that the macro environment has become a lot more dynamic and a lot less anchored,” said Razvan Remsing, director of investment solutions at Aspect Capital.

Portfolios generally have a lot of private assets in them, but what Aspect is seeing is that allocators have been more galvanized in readdressing how they source that portfolio diversification. Remsing said the last two years have put CTAs back on the map, and the firm had strong gains in 2022 that helped it demonstrate that it could be a “reliable diversifier.”

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