Contrarian Investor Podcast with Anthony Todd

20 July 2023

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Anthony Todd, CEO and Co-founder of Aspect Capital, recently joined the Contrarian Investor Podcast to discuss the trend following investment strategy he helped pioneer including where it might be particularly applicable in today’s markets.

The discussion hosted by Nathaniel Baker covers:

● What is trend following?

● What makes a trend develop?

● What markets does Aspect Capital trade?

● Current opportunities:
- Fixed income
- Agricultural commodities

● Is trend following anti-contrarian?

● Anthony's background

● Artificial intelligence

● Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies

Listen to the episode in full here

Note: Any opinions expressed are subject to change and should not be interpreted as investment advice or a recommendation. Any person making an investment in an Aspect Product must be able to bear the risks involved and should pay particular attention to the risk factors and conflicts of interests sections of each Aspect Product’s offering documents. No assurance can be given that any Aspect Product’s investment objective will be achieved.

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