Trend investing yet again demonstrates it is adaptive, agile and resilient


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Alternatives Watch on trend investing

Against one of the most challenging economic backdrops in several decades, trend following strategies delivered substantial profits to their investors last year, for the most part. Unsurprisingly, this has generated a rising tide of interest from a new cohort of investors — many of whom started their careers post the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) of 2008.

While Trend is currently “trendy”, the time-tested strategy has ably navigated a multitude of economic environments over the last five decades. The post-GFC, pre-pandemic, QE-dominated 2010-2018 period has been the outlier in offering fewer opportunities. Regardless of performance, the key properties endure, cementing Trend as: adaptive (can handle a wide range of economic scenarios), agile (as markets change, its positions change) and resilient (won’t double-down on losing positions).

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