How Multiverse helped Aspect Capital embrace younger talent


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With data demands growing in scale and complexity, London-based systematic investment managers Aspect Capital needed to support their specialists with new recruits. Thinking outside the box, they turned to apprenticeships.

Challenge: Data demands are growing in scale and complexity, stretching resources thin

Aspect Capital has been around since 1997 and is still growing, with $8.8bn of assets under management. While the firm has long been known for its mathematical or “quantitative” approach to trading, their data team is increasingly central to their operation. Director of Data, Waqar Rashid, discusses the challenges in the Data team.

“We work across the business, from Research to Trading to Legal and Accounts. It’s a huge workload that’s built up organically over time. While this is great for our team, it also means that  our specialist resources have to deal with all these different requirements, which is not always the most efficient use of their skillset.”

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This was story was also covered by efinancialcareers:

Aspect Capital, the quant hedge fund that hires students who haven't been to university into apprenticeship roles, is expanding its apprenticeship programme to take on more trainee data scientists.

Aspect currently has nine apprentices, hired in previous years to work in roles across legal, data and trading support. It plans to increase their number in future (although it isn't saying by how much), and will recruit more of them onto a degree-level apprenticeship in data science and analytics named the' Advanced Data Fellowship' program, run in combination with training provider Multiverse.



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