Aspect Celebrates 25th Anniversary


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We are extremely proud to celebrate Aspect’s 25th anniversary this month.

When we founded the firm a quarter of a century ago, our vision was to create a business offering a range of systematic investment solutions to a global investor base. Since then, we have worked in partnership with our investors globally to research, design and refine solutions that support the outcomes that they are looking for. We are grateful for the deep and long-standing relationships we have built with our clients, and we thank them for their continued support and partnership.

The second key pillar to the firm’s longevity and success has been, and remains, the exceptionally talented individuals who comprise our team. We set out to create a research-led business where people would feel excited to come to work; this ambition stands true today and has attracted a team of highly specialised but diverse talents, all dedicated to a collegiate style of working that aims to generate the best outcomes for our investors. Our unique culture, based on a set of shared values, is at the heart of everything we do; and we remain committed to building an ethical and sustainable business that reflects those values.

Finally, we are as excited today as we were 25 years ago about the outlook for Aspect and for our industry. In uncertain times, asset owners count on the experience and expertise of trusted partners to help them to navigate the uncertainty and capitalise on the opportunities that it presents. We face the future as we did 25 years ago, with the firm conviction that liquid, diversifying, systematic approaches can provide benefits to investors’ portfolios in different market environments.

Thank you for your continued support.  

Anthony Todd & Martin Lueck

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