Aspect Capital announces new UCITS investment offering


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Aspect Capital announces new UCITS investment offering

Aspect Capital Limited (“Aspect”), the USD8.8bn London-based systematic investment manager, today announces the launch of a new UCITS vehicle with over USD40m of external capital. It is designed to provide institutional investors with access to the Aspect Core Diversified Programme ("the Programme") via a daily-liquid, UCITS-compliant investment vehicle.

The Aspect Core Diversified Programme deploys a systematic trend following strategy, seeking to generate alpha from the capture of medium-term trend opportunities across over 100 highly liquid financial and commodity markets. Launched in 2014, the Programme currently has assets of over USD1.5bn and a track record of producing diversifying returns for investors.

The new vehicle has been authorised by the Central Bank of Ireland and will be independently administered by US Bank Global Fund Services (Ireland) Limited. Targeting 12% volatility, it has daily liquidity and, initially, USD, Euro, GBP and JPY share classes.

Commenting on the launch, Rosie Reynolds, Chief Commercial Officer says: “With uncertainty over the sustainability of current equity market valuations, declining bond yields and the looming threat of inflation, investors are increasingly seeking diversifying, uncorrelated yet liquid investment solutions to add balance to their portfolios. This launch reinforces Aspect’s commitment to meeting investors’ requirements, providing them with much-needed diversification in the form of a robust, liquid, UCITS-compliant vehicle.”

This is the third UCITS compliant vehicle managed by Aspect:

  • Aspect Diversified Trends has a more than 10-year track record of applying a systematic, momentum-based investment strategy to the most liquid financial and commodity futures, currency forwards and derivative contracts.
  • The Aspect Systematic Global Macro Programme has been available as a UCITS vehicle since 2018 and follows a systematic, relative value approach to global fixed income, stock indices, currency and volatility investing.

Note: This information has been prepared for circulation to investment professionals who are or would be classified as Professional Clients or Eligible Counterparties under the UK FCA rules. There is no guarantee that any target referenced will be achieved, and the actual fund volatility may vary. Targets may be restated over time. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.

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