Martin Lueck joins Macro Hive Podcast

9 October 2023

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This podcast is available on MicroHive Website and Apple Podcast

Aspect Co-founder, Martin Lueck, joined Bilal Hafeez of Macro Hive for the latest episode of their Conversations podcast series. The in-depth chat touches on:

  • The story behind setting up AHL and Aspect
  • How to be scientific in investing
  • Importance of testing hypotheses
  • When to switch models off
  • Why trend works as a style and the impact it can have on portfolios
  • Behavioural models
  • Using machine learning
  • The abnormal post-GFC period
  • Return of currency investing
  • How to think about risk management
  • ChatGPT and LLMs
  • Building the right company culture
  • Interest in physics
  • Books mentioned: The Undoing Project (Lewis)


Note: Any opinions expressed are subject to change and should not be interpreted as investment advice or a recommendation. Any person making an investment in an Aspect Product must be able to bear the risks involved and should pay particular attention to the risk factors and conflicts of interests sections of each Aspect Product’s offering documents. No assurance can be given that any Aspect Product’s investment objective will be achieved.

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