Aspect Multi-Strategy Solutions

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Single-manager systematic multi-strategy seeking to deliver consistent, alpha-driven performance.


  • Multi-decade experience in systematic strategies
  • Continually enhanced by research
  • Diversified set of return streams, timeframes and asset classes for consistency in alpha-generation
  • Inclusion of latest technology and insights from Aspect’s quant DNA (e.g. Machine Learning and Alt Data)
  • Low correlation to traditional and alternative asset classes as well as unwanted factor risk

Key Facts

July 2017
Over 260 liquid financial and commodity markets
  • Offshore vehicle
  • Customisable managed accounts

This programme is available to professional investors only.

All of Aspect's strategies are researched using the same scientific process, which is based on our belief that market prices are not random - they contain predictable and statistically measurable behaviours which can be captured in a disciplined systematic fashion.

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