Aspect Diversified Programme

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Systematic, momentum-based investment programme complemented by a range of modulating strategies. Applied to many of the most liquid global financial and commodity futures, currency forwards and other derivative contracts. Operating in over 220 contracts in over 180 markets across eight different asset classes. Seeks to generate sustainable, high-quality returns, which are uncorrelated with returns from major asset classes.


  • Low correlation to traditional and alternative asset classes
  • No directional bias
  • Robust research infrastructure
  • Attractive risk mitigating / crisis risk offsetting portfolio properties
  • Significant capacity

Key Facts

December 1998
Over 180 futures, FX forwards and other derivative contracts
  • Flagship Cayman Vehicle
  • ERISA Vehicle
  • Onshore liquid alternative structures: UCITS
  • Managed Accounts and custom Fund-of-one / swap vehicles

This programme is available to professional investors only.

Performance, diversification, correlation to traditional asset classes... Read about the benefits of adding Managed Futures to a portfolio.

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